Memory, Heritage and a Rural Identity Under Threat

A museological transept bridge in Warburton, Victoria recollecting past traces of industry, land and rural identities.

Architecture Thesis_ Semester 2, 2021
The University of Melbourne
Supervisor_ Rory Hyde

Jeremy is a graduate of architecture currently working at Hassell Studio in Melbourne.

After pivoting his interests from Filmmaking to Architecture, he continued to explore an interest in narrative through design, the creation of experiential spaces that endeavour to engage the senses and heighten perception, especially when concerned with spaces of culture and art. Film, visual storytelling and architecture run in parallel.


His graduating thesis project explored the importance of rural life, outside the city and engaged with the land and production. Architecture is always concerned with assemblage, bringing things into being… the mentality of the peri-urban and the country is the same — of production, craftsmanship and community. Reinvigorating this sense of rural identity became the obsession of this thesis.