Jeremy Bonwick

JEREMY BONWICK is a recent graduate from the Masters of Architecture degree at The University of Melbourne who started his life enamoured by the pursuit of filmmaking. After a number of successful short films, he pivoted his interest to Architecture where he continued to explore an interest in narrative through design, the creation of experiential spaces that endeavour to engage the senses and heighten perception, especially when concerned with spaces of culture and art. For him, film and architecture run in parallel.

He currently works as a Graduate of Architecture at Hassell Studio is Melbourne, holds a B.Arts in screenwriting and cinema studies with which he also works freelance in design, film and photography in. He was the recipient of the AIA Victorian Chapter Graduate Prize in 2022 and his architecture, designs and short films have been exhibited, screened and received acclaim around Australia and internationally.


Memory, Heritage and a Rural Identity Under Thread
2022 Thesis Project

In a climate of expansion and homogenisation of culture and the built environment, the continuing urban bleed of Melbourne into its surrounding rural towns threatens to supersede and suppress a local identity.



Residential escapes, museums of local identity and schools of craftsmanship, amongst other things.