Procession of Detonations.

The Last Nuclear Bomb Memorial

A sequence leading to detonation. An exploration of an experiential memorial in outback South Australia at the detonation site of one of Australia’s abandoned Nuclear Bomb projects. The site bares the scars of the testing which informs the labarynthine sequence of spaces and connecting walkways. The visitors enters a de-contextualisation portal and has a linear, meandering view of the ground and of the sky from an elevated walkway.

The journey is punctuated by a number of ‘detonation chambers’ which represent the bombs tested at the site, each features a collection of columns in the ground representing the peoples affects, nearby settlements and First Nations land dwellers who were not informed of the testing on their traditional lands. The sequence culminates in a final detonation which opens out into a larger field of columns. Only at the end of the journey can the visitors leave the elevated walkway and wander amongst the columns.

The competition panel was directed to feature no text, this motif has been expanded to depict ‘redacted’ portions of text throughout the board representing the lack of an misinformation about the scheme. 

Nuclear Bomb Memorial
Maralinga, South Australia

Group competition entry
with Andrew Lee