Art Waves.

A re-purposed quarry site in rural Victoria near the town of Colac. The site is revitalised through the creation of a festival precinct which will operate during the summer months along with a year-round program — a School of Art which provides for traveling students from Melbourne to stay on site in accommodation facilities as well as the almost 1500 local students in the area, a camping ground which operates in tandem with the accommodation as well as the festival as well as spaces for dining and events. The acoustic shell which sits at the bottom of the quarried out landscape is parametrically optimised for 2000 seated guests and a further 10,000 on a sloped grassed area.

Semester 2 2020
The University of Melbourne

Resonate Studio
Leaders: Michael Mack and Sofia Colabella

Acoustic shell, festival precinct, accomodation and school of art
Colac, Victoria