Design Studio Beta: Terra Aqua Estate

May 2018

Design project for Design Studio Beta at the University of Melbourne.

The task that ran throughout the entire studio asked students to formulate a public/private site which performed as an experiential pleasure garden, function space whilst also housing a number of short stay, air-BNB style apartment rooms. The site plans were formulated from an initial idea-generating collage working around the principals of the figure and group and generating a field of forms from common base elements

Medium: Hand drawing, Illustrator, Photoshop, Rhino 3D,

The base form of the buildings is a pie shaped triangle. This geometry has a versatility with a curved and angular faces which made it appealing. A key concept in the design is the idea of collision and immersion/submerging — such the main forms are born of colliding the base shapes. As the design progressed this was extended to the ways in which the forms interacted with the ground plane, pushing up at odd angles to create an interesting a dynamic field of buildings.

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