Video Services

Drama, Documentary, Shorts, Promotional and more…

Projects I have worked on in the past have varied between different filmmaking genres. These include countless short film dramas and comedies, a documentary about the Waubra Windfarm in rural Victoria and promotional videos for companies.

Since I became interested in the area of filmmaking when I was young I have experimented in different styles and genres.

In the past I have predominantly created short drama and comedy films for entry into competitions and film festivals. In these films I found I could explore different filmmaking techniques and styles.

More recently I have began working on more commercial projects – promotional videos mainly. When not studying I am working on a filmmaking project, always learning things about the medium.

Being a student and not a full time filmmaker I can work for a client at a much lower rate than professionals who provide the same level of service. These competitive prices make my services more affordable for a small business who may not have the money to spend on promotion at a normal rate.

I am experienced shooting with Sony Video Cameras, Canon DSLRs and Blackmagic cinema cameras. I edit using Final Cut Pro on a Mac.

Winner: Best Documentary

at the BUFTA Awards 2012

Winner: Best Junior Film

at the Warburton Film Festival 2014

All American High School Film Festival

top 7 for Direction in 2014

Trop Jr.

finalist in 2010

For clients I can provide an array of video related services.

I can work with a client from the ground up to create a project for them –whatever genre that project might be; a promotional video, advertisment, documentary, wedding video and so on.

I can also provide solely editing services. If a client has footage they have themselves shot or had shot for them by a cameraman and need that footage to be edited together I can use their original footage to create a video for them. This is in some ways a more challenging project to piece together footage which you haven’t shot yourself and may require more consultations with the client. This service may be ideal for wedding videos and public speeches for example.

With each project I will offer delivery of the film in a number of formats. The client will receive a DVD copy complete with printed DVD cover and case as well as a master digital file in a high resolution QuickTime format. As well I can offer direct upload to the internet through sites such as YouTube or Vimeo as well as an array of different file formats depending on the client’s needs. I can also offer output to a blu-rau disc. All digital files are delivered on a USB flash drive.

My services are flexible so please feel free to contact me with any equerries.

2016 Showreel

Another service I can offer clients is the delivery of their film with foreign language subtitles. Although it will add to the cost, this is an effective marketing tool for business client’s wishing to expand overseas.

I recently provided The Melbourne Clinic a chinese subtitled version of their promotional video as they had a party of Chinese medical officials visiting their hospital. They used the subtitled video as a way of introducing the clinic to the Chinese visitors and also gave them a number of DVD copies with the subtitles as a gift.